Conference venue

The conference will be held at the Ron Cooke Hub on the Heslington East Campus of the University of York. Accommodation will be in Langwith and Constantine Colleges on the other side of the central vista from the Ron Cooke Hub. Meals will be served in the atrium of the Ron Cooke Hub.

All venues are fully wheelchair accessible.

Guide and service dogs are most welcome at the conference. Drinking bowls for dogs will be provided at each break and at lunchtimes, in the vicinity of the coffee. There is an exercise and comfort area for guide and service dogs. The guide dog toilet is a small area of gravel surrounded on three sides by a wooden fence to offer some privacy. A sign on the fence reads 'Guide Dog Toilet'.

You may smoke in the campus grounds provided you are at least two metres away from any building.


There are seven designated accessible toilets within the Ron Cooke Hub. Two of which are located on the ground floor, two on the first floor, two on the second floor, and one on the fourth floor. These toilets are provided with all necessary features including security alarm and visual fire alarm.

One of the ground floor toilet facilities also provides accessible shower facilities.

Wheelchair accessible cubicles are also available in some of the general toilet facilities.