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Paul Dragoonis

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Paul, a member of PHP, PHP-FIG and the Jenkins teams, is a full-stack software consultant at Team Neev, where he architects, designs and implements software solutions for a variety of large organizations in the public and private sector. Paul spends a significant amount of his time rolling out CI/CD pipelines and enjoys sharing his experiences with the wider community by way of private training or conference speaking.

Workshop: Jenkins CI/CD with Jenkins X

Two day master class Thursday 11th and Friday 12th April 2019.

Jenkins X is a project built on top of Jenkins designed to work in conjunction with Docker and Kubernetes.

In this workshop, you will learn how to set up your own continuous integration and deployment pipelines using Jenkins X

During the first day, you'll learn everything you need to know - all the underlying technologies; Docker, Jenkins and Kubernetes.

In the second day, we'll build upon this knowledge while setting up our own Jenkins X cluster in the cloud.

Workshop attendees should have a basic understanding of Docker and CI/CD already, however no existing knowledge of Kubernetes is required (although beneficial)

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